Luxurious Bessie + Barnie Bagel Bed – Frosted Willow


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Big, plush, and comfortable, this signature line of Bagel Beds has it all! Softer than a freshly baked New York bagel, your canine will be happily sleeping all night. Bagel Beds are designed with a 360-degree zipper making it easy to assemble and clean. The Bagel Bed is assembled from the best soft fabrics in the industry, a waterproof pillow liner and 100% machine washable covers. Best of all, you can customize your pet’s exclusive bedding by choosing among a full assortment of colors and patterns, mixing (or not) the fabrics and colors on the top and bottom. Pamper your furry friend even more by monogramming it with your pet’s name or initials.

  • 100% American Made by Artisans in the United States
  • Bed offers the comfiest nap your dog has ever had
  • Luxurious unparalleled soft fabrics that are durable, extra plush
  • Completely customizable by choice of fabrics on either top and bottom or both
  • Bed is completely reversible, offering your canine companion two soft sides
  • Waterproof pillow liner
  • Filling made of eco-friendly long-lasting polyfill
  • Designed with a 360-degree zipper for easy assembly and cleaning
  • Pillow cover is machine-washable and dryer-friendly.

To clean just the cover, unzip and remove the pillow, zip the cover securely and toss it in the washer in cold temperature (use easy care washing). To dry, the manufacturer recommends machine drying the cover on air fluff, no heat. The bed inserts can be cleaned with a wet cloth since they come with a waterproof pillow liner insulated with eco-friendly polyfill. A dry cloth should be used to remove dampness or humidity before reassembling the bed.

Weight 160.0 oz
Dimensions 36.0 × 36.0 × 10.0 in


5 reviews for Luxurious Bessie + Barnie Bagel Bed – Frosted Willow

  1. Terri F.

    Our hound Layla loves her bagel bed. She generally sleeps with us, but if she falls asleep in her bagel bed, she stays there all night. Keeps her warm and cozy.

  2. Carri C.

    My dogs love this bed! Love it so much I bought a second one so they each have their own. The material used make it so comfy and soft. Good quality craftsmanship too!

  3. Kathy M.

    So far, very good. Have not had the need to take apart for washing, but am thrilled about the waterproofness, washability and my hound loves it after initially thinking I had given her a very large stuffed toy!! This size is big enough for her to curl up into a tiny ball as well as full body length stretching on her back with legs up in the air. I want more of these!

  4. Jenny M.

    It took a couple days to warm up to it but our 9 year old arthritic baby loves it and she’s picky about her beds!

  5. Christiane G.

    Our dog is a Treeing Walker Coonhound who is always in search of comfort. He used to reject dog beds in favor of sleeping on a chair he loves in the living room. As a hound he sleeps about 18 hours a day, and all of that time used to be spent in his favorite chair. But ever since we got this bed, he goes upstairs every single night to sleep in the bed, and usually manages to fit in an afternoon nap on it as well. He is OBSESSED with this bed! I never thought he would like anything more than his favorite chair, but this bed has been everything to him. Thank you!

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