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Welcome Pet Parents!

If you have just discovered us, we are so looking forward to meeting you and your best friend. 

Just give us a call [ 813-722-0638 ] to set up an individual Meet & Greet to explore just how we can help you and your pet.

If you already are a  Pet Parent, welcome back and let us know how we can help. 

Just log in our Fur Fins n Feathers Pet Parent App in your browser or the app you downloaded to your cell phone – and update your scheduled services and manage your account.


Put a clickable icon on your iPhone or Android home screen to quickly visit our website!  

Call now to discuss how we can help care for your pets and protect your home while you are away…


The grand opening of the
Fur Fins n Feathers

where you can qualify for exclusive 3F Pet-Family Discounts on both regular and sale-priced products. 

And, remember, when you order pet supplies from the Fur Fins n Feathers Boutique, you may qualify for our exclusive 3F Pet-Family Discount on both regular and sale-priced products. Set up your pet services account here and start saving!

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iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch Safari and go to the  Fur Fins n Feathers website.
  2. On the bottom center of your screen, tap the “Share” icon (a square box with an up-pointing arrow).
  3. Swipe down to “Add to the Home Screen” option, tap the plus (+) sign, then click “Add”. 
  4. The  icon will appear in the next available space on your Home screen. You can then move it to your preferred spot. 

Android phone

    1. Launch Chrome and go to the  Fur Fins n Feathers website.
    2. Tap the menu icon (3 dots in upper right-hand corner) and tap “Add to Homescreen”.
    3. You can then give a name to your new Fur Fins n Feathers shortcut icon and Chrome will add it to your home screen.