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First impressions are extremely important when meeting new people, especially when they will be coming into your home and caring for your animal family members. We at Fur Fins n Feathers are certain that after meeting us you will be confident that the welfare of your pet – and your home – will be in good hands.

We look forward to getting acquainted with you and your beloved pet. We will answer all your questions – and share our personal stories, our experience caring for animals, and the history of our business.

Likewise, we will want to know your pet’s story, likes and dislikes, temperament, and health needs. We will ask for clear instructions for any special tasks or medications you will need us to perform.

During are visit, we will explain how the pet services digital app provided by Fur Fins n Feathers allows you to easily manage your account, schedule visits, and provide pet profiles and veterinary care contacts—as well as make special requests, provide emergency contact information, receive live updates of our home visits, and receive candid and cute pictures of your pet during our visits.

If your dog needs outside walks, we will ask you to join us on a test walk so we can learn the routes your dog is familiar with, how best to deal with neighborhood residents (human and canine), and what, if any, places to avoid. Also, we will want to know if there is anything concerning your pet that might endanger them or us. In rare cases, we do reserve the right to decline providing pet visits.

If you need in-home pet visits, we will ask about your pet’s daily routine, what, if any, restrictions your pet may have, and what kinds of interactions you pet prefers. 

If you are interested in vacation home checks, we will ask for a contact list of local family or friends and of preferred maintenance companies in case of emergencies. As with pet visits, you will receive live updates of our home check visits, accompanied by photos of anything of interest.

So, don’t wait! Call 813-772-0638 to schedule a get-acquainted meeting so you and your pet can decide how Fur Fins n Feathers can meet your needs. We are fully licensed and insured and always provide references upon request.

We invite you to view our Pet Gallery of current and past animal friends. . .

Call now to discuss how we can help care for your pets and protect your home while you are away…


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